Rediscovering Calamba Laguna

About Calamba-Online

When we left Manila, its a saddened part personally and to our family.  We will be missing friends, relatives and colleagues – a community that was built eversice I was born.

New family adventure awaited us, transferring the spirit of  HOME here in Calamba, Laguna.  We can meet more challenges, building relationships, a sort of NEW LIFE…

Last two years ago, our family venture to explore Calamba.  I grew up in the the metro and I can say the place is amazing.  Everytime we always attempt  to explore it – it’s a remarkable experience.



Sharing this place gives me an idea by creating different posts that would highlight the best of Calamba based on my point of view as our family personally experience it.

I will also include some nearby towns – San Pedro, Binan, Sta. Rosa, Majayjay, Pila, Pagsanjan, San Pablo etc. (under Other Laguna category)  here in Laguna. Maybe someday I can also create a separate domain name for them, exploring not only this town but the whole Laguna itself.

Calamba-Online, Calamba - Laguna Philippines

Calamba-Online, Calamba - Laguna Philippines

I am an I.T. practitioner by profession and this can be an expression how I can share adventure and fun in this advent of technology age.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you can share your suggestions to make all the posts more meaningful yet informative….

Rediscover nature at its best…..


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    Thanks for this blog! May I request for the author to share any place in Calamba fit and great for wedding venue and reception?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi, thanks also for visiting. I can recommend Dona Jovita resort in Pansol which I also post here.

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  4. Jean

    Hi, i really enjoyed your site! it helped me discover more about Calamba since,just like you, our family (my parents) is a native of Manila and twist of fate has brought them to Calamba, which they’re now enjoying. I’m now a resident of Batangas with my own family.
    Allow me to include you to my roll of Blessed Sites. i’ll keep coming back to your site as our family is exploring the place too.

    Heaven Bless You more!

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    does anyone point me out where particularly is the controversial halina mountain resort situated in bucal? or what landmarks if there’s any.

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  17. danica friend is calling to your phone # but it is busy..because we go to your resort and we ask if how much if we stay their overnight….please answer this message or you can email me at my facebook..thank you

  18. Girlie R.

    Hola~ Thank you for your very informative site! I wish all (or, at the very leats, most) cities in the Philipipnes would have this kind of guide. It’d be really helpful to noob travellers like me 🙂

    Cheers, mate!

  19. SanDiego Mom

    Hello Jinkee,

    Nice site you have here! I used to live in Calamba before I married my cheesehead fiancé. It’s a nice city unfortunately where I used to live it’s managed by a syndicate. Under the guise of Villa de Calamba home owners’ association they extort monthly dues from the home owners but the money only goes to their pockets.
    The association can be deemed illegal since the subdivision has already been handed over to City Hall. Unfortunately the residents have no one to turn to to address their grievance. I hope that by posting here someone would take notice. Thanx!

  20. Luz

    hi! Being a pure Calambena until now, thank you very much for the nice, & interesting postings and surely will be visiting this site regularly.

  21. roy aristorenas

    Been searching closely to locate old St John The Baptist Church that shows only one bell tower as I remember it as a child. My memory whispers that the right bell tower was added no idea when. Pls ac knowledge. Cheers!

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