Rediscovering Calamba Laguna

Happy 2nd Bloganniversary Calamba-Online!

When I opened my personal blog last 2011, Live Life Fullest (LLF), www.livelifefullest to journal my adventure outside Calamba, there were months that I did not post anything with Calamba-Online even I kept on still exploring the notable places here.

Definitely, as I look back, there were lot of developments not only with Calamba but for me and my family:

  • We had already our very own Rizal Park here in Calamba situated infront of Town City Hall which was commemorated Jose Rizal 150th Birthday Anniversary.


  • Malls like SM Calamba got increasing stores, food establishments, events and activities that kept on sprouting and growing giving the taste of the metro
  • Aside from that, our family explored nearby places and provinces which was worth visiting.  To name a few, we got the chance to do our travel adventures to different places like Baguio, Pampangga, Bulacan, Aklan, Boracay, Pangasinan and Cebu.



  • I got invited to be a resource speaker to different schools and I.T. events which gave me the opportunity to promote my blogs and share my knowledge like San Sebastian College, U.P. Diliman with iBlog7, P.U.P. San Pedro Laguna and I.T. Event in Pangasinan.


  • My horizon as a blogger give me doors to meet new group of bloggers also and got also the opportunity to be featured at SMILE magazine of Cebu Pacific.  They  become one of my closest friends and also mentors where I learned on how I will improve more my crafts.



  • Because of Calamba-Online, medias like GMA, tourists from all over Philippines and even foreigners contacted me to recommend places around worth visiting and even accompanied them.

Maybe there were some regrets and guilt feeling that I have not done yet my part to post more with Calamba-Online.   Every time I saw in my archives, I have months I did not even bother to post at all but actually have explored one.

To tell you honestly, I got also frustration to other places here in Calamba that was not that worth to share especially when we were checking resorts that was not maintained or some of my posts to other restaurants that were closed down .  How can one recommended it if  we were dismayed? Well, personally, this is my opinion.

With my second year here in Calamba-Online, everything will be a beginning again as I shared my reflections with Live Life Fullest with this link –  To summarize that post, the single and best move that I can do is to begin again.  No turning back but only lessons to learned.  No ifs, no regrets, no questions but start now!

I am not making any promises but I will always make it a point to give time to post no matter how busy or occupied I am. I will not be accepting any excuses, only results and that is my commitment to my two blogs and harness more my creativity to make it more informative as best as I can.

For the two years that what has been and for the years that may will come, cheers to my dear Calamba-Online!

2nd Bloganniversary of Calamba-Online

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