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Afternoon Food Trip with Cafe Antonio ElBi

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Our family is always on the look-out of new restos around the metro but most especially here in the South.  It is maybe some sort of our bonding moments when we took our time to dine in, got those pictures and shared our experiences with food when we compare our taste escapade.

I also do some research via magazine or in the internet on how we can also maximize our time to discover new food discovery here in the south especially Laguna.  Anyway, I remembered I got a copy of La Isla Magazine. the official Inflight Magazine of Air Philippines last year.  Since VirtualBIZ is the one who also maintained the website, I got to read the most recommended “foodie haven” in Los Banos.   Read more –

I love to try them all, as in ALL.  Addict ang pag ka foodie!  Anyway, we already tried some of them and will definitely visit them one by one.

Well anyway, since we were in Los Banos for the garden show, what we did was to dropped by to Cafe Antonio in a lazy Sunday afternoon.  The said coffee shop is located in Barangay Maahas.  The place is along the highway where one cannot missed.  After Jollibee junction, do straight ahead.   The store is in the right side after the train track which is beside Arla.


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Cafe Antonio in Elbi is a quaint indie coffee bar that mainly serves espresso beverages. Coffees are freshly roasted by 18 Days Coffee Roaster and Luca & Tosh Coffee Lab to enjoy that distinctive flavor of taste.

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Jam was with us and definitely no coffee for her in that afternoon.  Great that aside coffee, Cafe Antonio is also offering Milk Shake – a sweet, cold beverage blended with milk and ice cream.

To make it more flavorful, they added whipped cream and cherry at the top.  Eversince, my daughter love the strawberry flavor.  Healthy and creamier for her. Price of  Strawberry milkshake is P 100.00.

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Since it was very hot, Frothiccinos were a must for me and hubby.  Hubby chose Red Velvet flavor.  I knew red velvet in cakes and even saw this in Seattle’s Best.     This flavor is a drink and a dessert in one, I suppose!

It is more of a cold coffee for me. I thought this will be in red color as what I have seen in Seattle’s Best.

The drink is topped with whipped cream and red velvet crumbs. Mixing the cream and red velvet makes the drink too sweet for hubby yet it is rich in caffeine that let him perk up that afternoon. Price is P 170.00.
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My favorite for cold coffee is the Mocha flavor.  This beverage is is soo smooth with those cloud of whipped cream and chocolate syrup that made an enjoyable drink for a coffee lover like me.   Price is P  150.00.
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For merienda,  we ordered Seafood Spinach Fettuccine served with Foccacia bread –  a pasta with a dose of fresh spinach and flavors of seafood like squid rings and tahong or Asian green mussels is a decadent dish to try.   Pesto and Spaghetti were common pasta for us at home. Giving this healthy seafood pasta a try is such a rave for us.  Price is P 270.00.

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We partnered our pasta with Grilled Quesadilla – 8 pieces all in all! This folded tortilla got those savory crunchy flavor yet not greasy nor soggy. According to Jam, taste is just so simple in taste yet healthy. Yes, it is best partnered with tomato salsa. Price is P 159.00.

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We ended our meal with a dessert to share with Black Truffle Cake. This rich chocolate-y moist cake is an option for a sweet craving.

That fabulous bittersweet filling, the indulgence is so worth it. Those topped truffle giggles hubby and Jam when they started to divide it. Price per slice is P 65.00.

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This is suppose to be a merienda for us but after our eating with Cafe Antonio, it is like a dinner. Really full in meal I suppose. Overall, we were satisfied with the meal.

I will definitely go back for brewed coffee and some desserts to munch. I am also anticipating now to try their salad and pizza.

For more information, visit their website:

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  1. Ruth

    I just had breakfast and the cake that you posted makes me want to take a fork and taste it! It looks moist and the ganache looks bittersweet! Yum!

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