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Figaro Calamba is Finally Here

My favorite coffee shop, Figaro, finally invaded Calamba.   Its been a long time that I am anticipating that someday the branch will expand their business here in the south as far as our residence.

When I saw their banner along Halang, Calamba last October, I quickly jumped off to our car and asked those carpenters around to check the opening date.   I even called someone from Figaro just to confirmed it.  I even visited their Facebook Page to know the opening date and just saw this. No formal date at the moment then.

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Anyway their opening day which was November 8 was just an epic Philippine history.  LOL! Who could imagine on that day, Yolanda which is said to be the strongest storm to hit the whole wide world will be present.

Classes all over were suspended even in Laguna at all levels.  We were on the news update preparing for ourselves on what would happen to other parts of the country.  Our province was always a keen with the rain coming because there were tendencies that Laguna Lake will again increased those water level.

We were late then because we thought this will be cancelled.  But when we got a text message that this is a “go”, we rushed up at Halang Calamba.  Together with the kiddos, Figaro Coffee Company, is a welcome new sight for us.

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Until now, even it was existed for more than a decade, some people especially our place would think Figaro came from a foreign country.  Again,

Figaro is a Filipino coffee company. Best part of it, they support Filipino coffee farmers from different places like Kalinga, Ifugao, Benguet, Batangas, Cavite, Negros, Davao, Sulu and Basilan where they get their supply.

Maybe because the chic look of store’s interior design is too corporate and formal yet environmental in nature giving those eclectic woody brown color.  This is one of the reasons I love Figaro because I am more on wood interior design person when it comes to a place with a touch of greenly landscapes around.

For my Calambenos around who are new with Figaro, I invite you to taste this pudding.

I fell in love also with their Pudding, a Filipino delicacy with a twist spreading it with sweet vanilla sauce to make it more enticing to taste.

Other food that I can recommend are Little Oscars and Chocolate Cake.  You can visit hubby’s blog as he always ordered the wafer taste of Oscar whenever we dine out.

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

For this Christmas season, Figaro got those seasonal cake to crave for like Snowfall Chewy Butterscotch, Mrs. Claus Muffkies, Fruit Cake Bar, Red Velvet Cake and  Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence.

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Among them. my favorites were Red Velvet Cake and  Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence.  Maybe because their colors signified the color of Christmas, red and green.

Red Velvet would always for me a Christmas cake. The velvety moist taste of bread and the icing were not too sweet.

For the Evergreen Chocolate Brownie Decadence, the mint green complemented the sweetness of the brownies. Not really bad to combine the two.  My daughters did not appreciate it, but for me, it’s A-ok!

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Their coffee is also a must try – not only aromatic in fragrance but irresistible in flavor.  Good thing that hubby got a sip with their brewed coffee even there were lot of turn on and off on the electricity because of Yolanda storm.

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

Overall,  our family were very excited for the welcome opening of Figaro here in Calamba, Laguna. Something to look for new establishments sprouts to our place that would make a better life to live in just like the metro for us Calambenos.

Now, I have another place to do some meet-ups with the clients or simply sip my favorite coffee.

At the moment, coffee and desserts were served with this Figaro branch.  Hopefully in the future, our family is anticipating for their varieties of sandwiches, pastas and salads.


G/F Bistro Halaan Bar and Restaurant
National Highway, Halang
Calamba City, Laguna

Figaro Calamba Laguna by Jinkee Umali of

For more information, visit their:

Facebook Page:

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  1. Pepper

    Did they relocate? We went there earlier but a new shop occupies the whole place already. I think it was just two months ago when we last dropped by the coffee shop and they were still up and running. Dunno what happened.

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