Rediscovering Calamba Laguna

Christmas 2011 at the Plaza

Last November 16, the launched of Christmas displays at the Plaza begin which I also shared you with this link –

Christmas Display 2011 at the Calamba Plaza

Quite guilty with this one because I personally did not witness this event.  I dropped off to the plaza at night and still give time to took some pictures.   Anyway, this will served as my document how lovely the night is!   Passing within the tract of the whole place with the white Christmas tree around serenade the call of preparation of the birth of Christ.

Christmas Display 2011 at the Calamba Plaza

Some activities were also make way to:

  • Lightning of the BELEN
  • Grand Launching of CHRISTMASaya sa Plaza
  • Christmas Bazaar from November 18 onwards
  • Every night presentation

Compare to the metro, the displays were not that spectacular especially the set-up of the bazaar and food stalls that looked like a kiosk.  Well, one cannot deny the cold fresh wind around which compare to the metro that is quite polluted.  This is a huge improvement.  Last year, this place is dark, fenced and huge grasses inside.

For me, Calamba is just starting and this is ok.   It is better to start somewhere and from there, we can improve more on how we can make those displays improve more as the years goes by.

Merry Christmas, my dear Calamba!

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