Rediscovering Calamba Laguna

Christmas 2011 Greeting from Calamba-Online

We spent our first Christmas 2011 get-away by going to the southern part which is Tagaytay last December 4.  We stayed at Taal Vista Hotel and we love their Christmas displays that  made us glance and mostly just stared to all of it.  From small Christmas tree to big ones, chimney and gifts, Christmas stockings and wreaths –  all of it were wondrous feeling!

Tagaytay Get-Away 2011

Tagaytay Get-Away 2011

Given always a chance, will definitely take a memory out of it by taking a picture and reminiscence the joyous season of all.

Christmas 2011 from Calamba-Online

Tagaytay Get-Away 2011

The Lord is always here on our side giving all those blessings.  Giving me the chance to share our family escapade to Calamba and nearby places are big graces.  I know there were guilt feelings within me that I did not frequently updating Calamba-online website for more pertinent and important events, hopefully I can cope up with it no matter what!

Exerting more effort and focus to instill the passion to keep Calamba-Online alive would be my promise this Christmas.  The readers and subscribers are always with me because I sometimes received a comment that I did not regularly updated it.  Thanks for being with me. Expect into action a more hip and updated posts as I celebrating my two years with Calamba-Online by next year.

Again from Calamba-Online and all of our family members who are always with me in this travel,  Merry  Merry Christmas to all!

Tagaytay Get-Away 2011

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