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Doña Jovita Garden Resort – Last Hurrah for Summer Gimmick (Part 1)

Raining here in Calamba is almost everyday.  Hate to say this, but summer is almost finished.  But not with others.

We were quite amazed to get an invite from our relatives last June 12 to experience last hurrah for summer.  I got this asthma attack a while ago, but hubby told me that therapeutically, the hot spring can relieve me if we will join.

Again, what great place to enjoy it but to Doña Jovita Garden Resort, one of our fave resorts here in Calamba.

This resort is one of my first post but I did not stop to surprise me.  Every now and then, the resort make it a point to improve the place.

They got almost two karitela infront aside from the overflowing pot infront of the resort.

Greener than ever!  Have seen other resorts here in Calamba where most of the gardens are so dry but not with Doña Jovita Garden Resort which still manage to maintain by taking care of their plants.


Lush greenery of flora and fauna around the surrounding like this big tree in the middle of the resort is really a great attraction here where kids appreciate the resort more.

This new statue displays of Snowhite and  Seven Dwarfs are also a come-on to my kids/nieces/nephews.

There are also a camel displays which according to the owner, they are conceptualizing a mini Holy Land later on to this empty space, another additional that we have to look  for when we come back.

Even I always visit the resort, I did not dare to hike just to see the grotto at the top.  Whow, now its time to give it a try.

In the middle of the hike is the whole view of Laguna including the bay.  Truly a captivating scenery!

Peanuts! Now I got a chance to hike this .  Anyway, compare it to my other mountain climbing before or even the grotto in Baguiou, this is just a small walk or almost 10% of it.

Even I got this uneasy health condition, giving it a try to climb is a really great relief and a great workout too.

If you happen to visit Doña Jovita Garden Resort, please do try this activity.

Disclaimer Note:

For those who would like to make further details about the resort, you may go to the link or contact information we have provided in this post.
Apparently, Calamba-Online (COL) made a review based on our experience as we visit the resort.

We are not at all connected nor being paid to all the establishment.  Again, please inquire directly from them.

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4 thoughts on “Doña Jovita Garden Resort – Last Hurrah for Summer Gimmick (Part 1)

  1. Gemini

    Ang ganda ng resort and nakita ko na rin ang website nila.. sana makaputa ako this summer.. love it!

    Nice Web!

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