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Happy New Year 2011 from Calamba-Online

My asthma is on and off this Yuletide season..Last week of December, got skin allergy. I thought I have a measles. Surprise to know it was caused by asthma. Now I am doomed..

Happy New Year from Calamba-Online

This was already subsided but made me quite irritated. Outmost, I cannot go out and lot of rest for me..

How can I cook for the family?

What we did was to order food outside just to make up our New Year’s eve at home. We ordered the Christmas Bucket Feast of KFC – 8 pieces chicken where half of it were Hot and Crispy and Originals, 4 fixins loved by my kids – mashed potatoes, drinks, rice and to make it more festive yet sinful, the four streetwise spoonful desserts – choco mousse, choco banana pie, choco tiramisu, mango cheesecake. All for P 630.00. Very enough for five in a family!

We opted to include the spoonful desserts rather than buying a cake. From Goldilocks, Red Ribbon and Mernel’s Cake at SM Calamba, huge people lined up just to get a cake. Cannot managed to wait that long because I was not feeling well. This would also be a new taste for my kids especially the three choco flavors since they always tasted the mango cheesecake.

Happy New Year from Calamba-Online

In between for merienda, gathering around while watching and listening, kiddos requested for pizza. Since I have my Shakey’s Pizzanatic where I can buy one and get one more free pizza with a drink, we ordered Shakey’s special and Ham/Pineapple, both family size thin crust. Price is P 580.00.

We have also lot of fruits for this New Year – mango, grapes, oranges, melons and watermelons, all loved by the family.

Happy New Year from Calamba-Online

To complete the whole treat for New Year’s Eve, pasta is a must. Have tried my best to cook the meaty cheesy pene pasta and my daughter Jeng almost grated the whole bar of cheese to make it more palatable.

Happy New Year from Calamba-Online

There you have it! Our food for this New Year’s Eve.

Cheers, guys for the great 2011 as we welcome the unfold of 2012. Again, a greater year for Calamba-Online as we will be celebrating our 2-years in a row for 2012. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Calamba-Online

Have to rest because there would be a lot more reunions with our family/friends that will be attending to..What more, preparing to be fit again by running, biking and swimming with hubby to regain my health condition.

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