Rediscovering Calamba Laguna

Great Scenery Going Calamba

Every time I’m on the road transversing the route of South Super Highway, I always appreciate the great scenery ¬†especially when the weather is great ¬†– the ones that I only sometime seen in a postcard.

I just can’t get enough to capture it, taking pictures along the way and even the day’s ahead is so busy, it lets you reflect the beauty inside of it.

Even along the way, the road and grass are dry, still, the nature capture its own beauty.

The sky is really great that matches the beauty of nature.

This is my first post and whether or not you came from Laguna, nature is the real draw here Рa land of intense beauty with scenic mountain of Maria Makiling.  Hopefully I can continue to explore it as you journey along with me.

Rediscover nature at its best,


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