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Updates with Los Baños Garden Show 2010

Our first plan for Sunday as part of our family bonding is to visit Los Baños Garden Show which always anticipated not only by me but also my daughters.  Introducing them to this type of activity let my kids appreciate nature and love the province which cannot be found in the metro.

Captured from Philippine Star Article as written by Mr. Vergara, one of the organizers and officer of the present Los Baños Garden Show:

The Los Baños Horticulture Society (LBHS) hold its summer show from April 23 to May 2 in Los Baños, Laguna. This year’s theme is “Garden Wedding.”

There are interesting lectures during weekends at 3 p.m. Vic Chin talks about “Wedding Cake Decoration Using Fresh Flowers.” Another interesting topic is the plants and garden accessories — seeds, seedlings, flowering plants, garden bells, and lamps — as wedding giveaways.

The landscape exhibits headed by Baby Spowart of VS Orchids. CV Lazaro is the exhibit chair. Vic’s Orchids & Ornamentals, Valesol, Flower Box, Gintong Talulut, Exotica, Varunee Garden, Robelle Garden, Malvarosa, Earth Keepers, DAP, Tony Pajaro, Mabuhay Orchids and Genesis showcases their arrangements in the center hall.

Special guests are Dr. Monina Siar, noted specialist on Hoya, Mussaenda and other ornamental plants; and Danny Tiu, author of Grammatophyllum of the Philippines, which was recently published by PCCARD. The book is on sale during the garden show. Dr. Siar has identified many new Hoya species and her new selections of Mussaenda have produced vigorous and ever-blooming cultivars like Mussaenda Ermerlinda Roman. Madevilla Crimson Red will also be on sale. This is the latest Mandevilla that has been propagated and is doing well in the nursery of Vic Chin.

Limited plants of Giant Xanadu, White Candles, White Crossandra, Spotted Dracaena are also available.   Seedlings of Mama Sita Makopa and Mama Sita Banana are also on sale. Both fruit crops were sold out during the last garden show.

Those interested in exotic fruit trees can check the booth of Bert Coronel, Norma Lopez, and Mario Monakil.

For orchids, check out the booths of VS, Mabuhay, Malvarosa, and Gintong Talulot.

And since the plant feature of the show is “Orchids and Flowering Plants,” potted flowering plants and orchids are also available. Foliage plants are the specialty in the booth of Rey Catipon, Edgar Andales, Earthkeepers and Marina Catipon.

Bahaghari artists, former illustrators of Los Baños, show also their latest creations.

You can still visit the Garden Show until May 2.  Hope to see you there.

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