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My Convenient Buying Experience

Since the advent of e-commerce surpasses all over the internet, I simply buy all my stuffs via web.   As a busy mom, I am harnessing the advantage of purchasing basically everything.

Starting from 2nd hand cars for sale where I can range my selections like the makers, my price budget starting cheapest to highest and recent ones that was posted.

One great example of famous online marketplace is – an on-sale and ready for auction like gadgets (computers, cellphones, mp3 to laptops) and stuffs like pets, houses whether you are looking for transfer, rent or buying one.


From Ezine’s articles about  repossessed used cars, this gives me also an idea that these are sold in huge discounts compare to current market price.  The most convenient and fastest way to locate it thru an auction like

I am also living here in Calabarzon.  Going online would be a lot convenient for me rather than going to the metro.   Definitely, I highly recommend and these are some of the reasons I like to share:

  • I just sit right on my house as my own comfort place without experiencing the traffic outside.  This is sooo stressful and truly a waste buster.   I would simply devote myself to other worthwhile activity rather experiencing traffic.  What more,  I  can save both on my gasoline and parking expenses.
  • I love how their products and locations are arrange per area in the Philippine map.  As you can see, once I pick a region like IV-A, this would identify the different provinces as shown below.    I can either pick up the item if its near to my place and can also save on my courier services.


  • I can shop 24x 7 – all year round without legal holidays and the most convenient time I am free.  Anyway, internet never close.  As long I have connection, I can shop anytime I want.   Recently, my other cellphone got busted.  What I did was to shop ASAP with where I found an iPhone as a substitute.  Again, this is just near to my place.


  • I can also compare prices on the different products I intended to buy online versus other products plus versus the traditional retaill outlet.  For the retail outlet based on experience, the price is far beyond much lower compare to on-line buying.  Maybe because, the owner put most of their overhead costs (like rent, electricity, salary, etc.) to the product just to sustain the business.  Other prices incorporated to shopping is delivery that would add up to the cost.  Even though.  The price of the online product is still lower.
  • Lastly, no popping ads in between which is annoying when I am doing shopping.   Maybe, there are ads but it is moderated. is clean, interactive and the performance overall is fast where I can retrieve all the information faster.

Truly, I can say, Filipino ingenuity rocks in terms of creating this kind of e-commerce technology.     Sooo interactive as I commend their regional clustering compare to other online buy/sell sites!

As the saying goes –  “Why work hard where you can work smart”! as I substitute my shopping convenience with

Why?  Because it teaches me how to manage my time effectively and become more productive as I experience this kind of online classified stuff.  Hopefully you can try it to!

For more inquiry, you can contact then with this info:

Telephone No: 63.2.7522967

Disclaimer Note:

For those who would like to make further details about the post, you may go to the link or contact information we have provided.

Apparently, Calamba-Online (COL) made a review based on our experience as we visit their services. We are not at all connected nor being paid to all the establishments. Again, please inquire directly from them.

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7 thoughts on “My Convenient Buying Experience

  1. Merrill Mevers

    I am always interested in taking a look at things from both sides and
    comparing to my own perspective. My days are filled with many hours on the internet, checking out the local and national weather, taking in the news, etc. Your recommendation with this website is a plus learning. The simplicity is a big plus. I found also a price more affordable. Again, thanks.

  2. Simon Panila

    Since I spend a lot of time on the Internet, I come across stuff like this every once in awhile.

    Looking for bargains will make actually make a difference.

    1. julz

      please bring back Ayosdito….OLX sucks and the search options woorst..I thing the Database programer inOLX is an IDIOT! I search fr something…It gives me another..PLEAS PLEASE bring AYOSDITO!

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