Rediscovering Calamba Laguna

Nuvali’s Gifts of Green Year-Ender 2011

This is our first time to attend a concert at Nuvali happening at the dock side of Evolving yesterday, Dec. 30, 2011.  We were amazed to saw huge crowd that let us view the whole event far far away at the concert proper.

Nuvali Concert and Lantern 2011

Nuvali Concert and Lantern 2011

Even I have close contact people around where I can get the best seat, I rather decided to be with my family, watching and enjoying the whole gathering seeing the green scenery of the whole surrounding where small lanterns served as back draft.

Nuvali Concert and Lantern 2011

We just use the lens of the camera to get as much shots as we can.   Few only but the whole event was great.  The concert was performed by some of the country’s top musical artists from the voices of Billy Crawford, Kyla, Nikki Gil, Kris Lawrence, Isabella, Shiela Valderrama, Vincent Bueno, and Ms. Kuh Ledesma.

Since we did not bought even our flash for the camera, we just enjoyed watching the sky lanterns lightened and  blown out in the wind.  I thought this was just another movie scene we have seen at “Tangled” by Rapunzel.  So it is true.  Simple but spectacular.  Seeing and comparing it with other countries, lanterns were really a lot.  Even there were few enough at the sky when it flied, this was a good start.

Again, thanks Nuvali with this fabulous experience as we enjoyed the whole experience. Anticipating for more concerts, more events for next year!

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