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Pagsanjan Falls – Shooting the Rapids

This is already a long time write-up that park to my drafts and at long last, I can finally update and publish this post.

The trip with Pagsanjan Falls started when my former office mates asked me to direct them to this place.  They thought I am an expert here in Laguna  since I am living here.

Actually, I have been to Pagsanjan every year for the Lenten Visita Iglesia but did not have the chance to reach the water falls due to the advise that it was currently rehabilitated by that time we were about to try it.

Anyway, what I did were to visit other blogs who posted something about Pagsanjan and even went to the website of the province of Pagsanjan that would serve as a guide during this trip.

Great tips I got with Ivan Henares with his post about Pagsanjan.  I just follow his advice on the post and now have the grudge to assist my office mates.

When we reach Pagsanjan, we stop-over to Our Lady of Guadalupe church parking area to rest and took a light snack.   There were already people who already direct us to check in to the resort to start our journey with Pagsanjan falls.

From the resort, we paid P 1,000.00 each which include the boat ride and life vest.  We also paid P 50 each as a parking fee and part of it will be a free bath after the boat ride.

There was at first a big motor boat that will hook up to our boat that will direct us fast going to Pagsanjan Falls.

I love the nature trip during this ride even the climate is too hot.  There were also other boats who came over to sell food.

As the river along the way becomes thin, the big motor boat let us  go and after a while,  we reach the first water falls – the Talahib Falls. Funny but beside this small water falls were also an eatery were you can rest for a while and have the opportunity to take pictures.

Green nature surrounded the water falls and the forest have so much to offer.  One can even saw a monkey climbing along the trees.

Now the thrilling and adventurous part begins after our rest.  You can give all credits to the boatmen who rowed up against the strong current.  They even carried  and pulled out the boat to the rocky part of the river just to reach up the place.

After 30 minute boat ride, at last, we reach already the Pagsanjan Falls.  It was really huge while the water keep on flowing in a rush and splashing.  Boat men told us that the water was really clear.  It is just that the rain just finished that gave brown color to the water.

Boat men also encouraged us to ride the bamboo raft for P 90.00 each.  I did not have the courage to try it because the cave was too dark.  I barely  imagined myself that someone will get me inside this mystique cave.  Anyway, I am not scaring others to try it if you are brave enough to do it. Just bring an extra cloth with you if you like to try it.

It was truly an amazing experience when we ride back to the resort.  The boat men truly deserve to have a tip as they exemplify their heart-out skills which makes  my nature trip a worthwhile experience.

Rediscover Nature at its Best,


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