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Pure Buko Taste at Buko Juan

My daughter told me about the refreshing buko shake that her classmates were always craving every time they saw a food cart carrying this buko products – Buko Juan.

Glad to hear that her classmates have healthy substitutes aside from the ice cream and fraps around the booming resto/food cart around the malls here at the busy area of Crossing, Calamba.

Buko Taste at Buko Juan Calamba

When we saw Buko Juan at Waltermart, we do not have any second thought of trying this one since this is highly recommendable by folks around here. Buko-Juan was one of the food cart products that offer pure and refreshing buko juice/shakes.

Buko Taste at Buko Juan Calamba

I choose the buko shake in a bottle that cost P 40.00 – medium sized.  Whooww, really much lower price compared to frap or ice cream or sago shakes.

Buko Taste at Buko Juan Calamba

When I checked the internet for any links connected about Buko-Juan.  This drink was  one of the food cart products  introduced to the market by Metro Foodcart Business Corporation –  an entrepreneurial project of Filipinos that looked for delectable innovative line of products to perfectly suit the standard and taste of the local market.  You can visit their website –

Definitely, Buko Juan got our family’s heart with the healthy taste of buko.

You can visit one of their food cart inside Waltermart – Crossing Calambafirst floor at the Food area.

Buko Taste at Buko Juan Calamba

4 thoughts on “Pure Buko Taste at Buko Juan

  1. Jay Ar Aquino

    I agree! I have tried this at Lianas Supermarket Calamba 2F kasi I have a mini stall there of RTW. Hindi ka magsasawa and the best alternative for soda and powdered juices.

  2. rold

    i like buko juan pwede na din siya sa tetra pack na try ko in manila ocean park very coolness and uniqueness.

  3. Ely

    Buko Juan ang una ko nakitaan ng new tetra packaging at Puregold San Dionisio and na amaze ako.

    It is made of flat plastic and very handy!

    Hope magkaroon ako ng same business like this!

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