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San Sebastian College Canlubang

June 15 is officially the first day of  school for year 2010-2011 and everyone is excited not only the students but also a parent like me.  There would be new adventure for the kids as they venture to a new level of their academe experiences.   I will be sharing with you one of the new school here in Calamba which can also be found in the metro.

What captured us during the construction of this school right at the middle of the field of  Carmelray Industrial Park when we are doing are shortcut trip is the San Sebastian College.   A recollect community, a vision of  quality Catholic Christian education now lies in Canlubang, Laguna.

The same with the famous basicilia church, a global architecture mixed with the claassical gothic identity of the San Sebastian Manila  located before going to Quiapo and Recto (which is actually situated at Legarda St.), I love the architectureal facade but this time, they bring the design infront of the San Sebastian College.

It was built in calling of the growing residential communities around the area to make the growing community accessible in terms of education.  Not only that, the industrial area is now a mix business and operating companies ranging from food, electronics, recreational facilities and other service providers.  Other potential students residing to nearby Laguna and Batangas towns can experience recollect education in the south rather than going to metro.

With this link as related by Doña Carmen Yulo, she expressed her gratitude for such a milestone event as she welcomed the San Sebastian Recoletos community to her CarmelTown, Canlubang.  She went on noting several coincidences that led to the setting up of SSC-R Canlubang.

Mrs. Yulo commended the Recoletos administrators for making the right decision and for choosing Carmelray. She went on to say, “My family has held steadfast on the vision that this place would one day be properly urbanized with a mix of recreational facilities, industrial/commercial ventures, residential communities, and, of course, major educational institutions. Today, San Sebastian will begin to complete that mix, as well as our cherished vision.”

She adds, “We anticipate that San Sebastian College would bring in the type of education that would serve as foundation and
catalyst for what would be the type of recreation, the quality of living, the dynamics of commerce and ultimately the setting up of a vibrant learning community.”

For more information, you can visit their website

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