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Slice N’ Dice Here in Laguna

When we drop off at SM Sta. Rosa to buy some household stuffs, its great to know that finally Slice N’ Dice has a branch here in Laguna, a simpe and quaint restau offering steaks and other filipino dishes.

I did ate to one of their branches at Shaw Boulevard near Cash and Carry where they have this big tapaulin saying a P 99.00 steak.  Intrigue by this promo, its a great try and what I did when I saw their new branch here in SM is to invite with me my hubby to dine in and share my experiences with him in this sumptuous meal.

If ever one can imagine a steak house, it’s a bit pricy but not with Slice N’ Dice.  From T-Bone Steak, Garlic Steak or Steak Ala-Pobre cost P 99 for each servings, its not only affordable but also great in taste and sizes.

This is part of their mission where steak can be affordable to the Filipinos pallete of eating as stated in their website,

Arising from western origins, the char-grilled steak topped with rich steak gravy and accompanied with freshly mashed potatoes and steamed butter vegetables have come to be perceived in our society as a “rich man’s meal”.
With the entry of the upscale, high-end steakhouses in the restuarant scene, their price ranges have come to justify this “rich man’s meal” perception. The long term mission of Slice N’ Dice Steakhouse is to ultimately change that perception into a new reality that the so-called “rich man’s meal” is now accessible and very affordable to the common Filipino customer.

One of my favorites are their stir-fried kangkong (P 99.00 per serving) and their cheezy garlic mussels (P 139.00 for 20 pieces).

Hopefully, they can branch out here in Calamba to share also the goodness of this fave steaks.

For more information, here are the contact details:

Address:  SM City Sta. Rosa – Ground Floor
Telephone No: (049) 502-7862

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3 thoughts on “Slice N’ Dice Here in Laguna

  1. Very unsatisfied customer

    I came upon this place two weeks ago and decided to have dinner since i saw that their food looks appetizing. So my friend and I ventured in to try what we saw on the menu. The pictures are really enticing. i mean for a cheap price you get salisbury steak with rice then a side dish of mixed veggies and iced tea. It took 10-15 mins waiting time which is understandable because we were warned already that will take sometime. So i waited and expected something to more to what they served me. I have to raise an eyebrow because what they served me was called salisbury steak with no mixed veggies at all. My friend decided to talk to someone in charge but to no avail just talled us theres no mixed veggies available. So he asked if their going to exchange some side dish or something since their menu clearly showed more than what they served us. But then she told us there is nothing else. No apology that they dont have the side dish like its not their fault and that we have to deal with. I wanna be pissed with that girl who dismissed us but i’m just freaking tired and dont have the time to argue with her. That trip we had to that place is never gonna happen again if their staff is not competent enough to provide good service. I know its a cheap food and its not a fancy dining place but htat is not an excuse for staff to treat customers like that. I really hope this gets to their management so they can evaluate how they train their staff.

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