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Solemar del Pansol – New Private Resort Hub

Summer is already on!

Even there are days raining and nights so cold here in Laguna, there are no stopping to still dip into pool here in Pansol to experience summer.   You can also see summer is already in when lots of inquiries keep coming with the blog like email and texts specifically private resorts.

One recommendation I can share for those who are looking for new private resorts are those located at Solemar del Pansol Subdivision. Most of them are new and fully furnished.

Solemar del Pansol Subdivision, Pansol, Calamba City

Anyway I came across Solemar del Pansol when we finished our badminton play and have time to check it out. There are many private resorts out there but what I will share to you are my most favorite ones and top of the lists I may say.

i suggest that you go for an ocular inspection, so you could haggle with the caretakers of the resorts.
i suggest that you try pansol proper and miramonte subd.
but i will have to say solemar del pansol has the best looking resorts around, but they could be pricey.
again, seeing the place first would be your best option. calling is not enough.
i also don’t recommend walking-in.
one more tip: don’t consult the middlemen–they get commissions and their commissions
add up to the cost of rental. holy week by the way is peak season so expect exorbitant prices.
Just a word of advice to those who are planning their vacation:
  • I still suggest that you go personally for an ocular inspection that would visualize if the resort really caters your need.  Calling is not enough and most especially, walking in is not recommendable.
  • Haggle as much as  you can with the caretakers of the resorts
  • Since Solemar del Pansol has the best looking resorts, expect a pricey amount compare to Pansol proper and Miramonte Subdivision
  • Do not consult the middle men – they got commissions that would add up to the original price of the resort.

How to get to Solemar del Pansol Subdivision:

Along Pansol National Highway, turn left after Mini Stop store. There is an arc heading to the subdivision.

Disclaimer Note:

For those who would like to make further details about the resort, you may go to the link or contact information we have provided in this post.

Apparently, Calamba-Online (COL) made a review based on our experience as we visit the resort.  We are not at all connected nor being paid to all the establishment.  Again, please inquire directly from them.

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4 thoughts on “Solemar del Pansol – New Private Resort Hub

  1. rod zulueta

    we had our family re-union last July 9, 2011 and we had a great time @ your resort. i’m planning to have our team building tomorrow at your place.

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