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Voting for the First Time here in Calamba

Even I already vote always in an election, I am still excited to vote for the first time here in Calamba Laguna using the automated election system (AES) where you can shade from the oval space your preferred candidates.

Election is just a few weeks away and to be oriented and prepared with this event is for me to get a sample ballot that contains the  list of names of all the candidates.

Upon voting, you are given this type of  ballot, a marking pen and a secrecy folder where you can shade the oval for your preferred camdidate.  Gone are days that you have to write the full names of the candidates.

All votes are counted and verified using the PCOS (Precinct Count Optical Scan) machine.   You can check this link to orient you with this machine.

There are many available YouTube videos for May 2010 election but I still love the educational full version video of Sex Bomb in casting vote  which obtained the most hits, maka-masa – easy to reach to people in different walks of life.

Hopefully this simple guideline can prepare us new voters in embracing technology that will transform greatly on  the electoral system of the country.
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